Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Moving

Pashinn looked around for enemies,"No one.. it's very quiet." said Pashinn,"I guess it's okay to move out.." Pashinn walked out of her bush home and moved on the warm grass. This will be missed.. but I have to move into a bigger home! I'm growing, and I can't live in a little bush. I will miss it, because I was born there but, I need to move.
Pashinn Sitting On Warm Grass
Pashinn started to walk across the warm grass, into some very tall grass.

 As she was walking, she noticed something.. she was sinking! She darted across the creek and through all the tall grass. Then, she saw dry land. There's dry land! I better hurry.. it's getting late. She walked up on dry land and set down to rest, she was tired from running. After her nap, she walked for a while, and saw a beautiful house.. a den.
"I guess this could work" Said Pashinn "It's all I got."